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Randolph Recreation Cheerleading
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Randolph Cheer Recreation

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Updated May 25,2017
Cheerleading Shoes Don’t fit?  Mock too Small?  Your daughter is heading for HS?
Looking for someone to give your gently worn cheerleading apparel too?
If you have any gently used cheerleading clothing or shoes that you would like to donate please e-mail
Debbie Whiting at  ASAP. If we receive a large response we will set up a table
both nights of the Parent Meeting at which we will be offering this merchandise at a largely reduced cost,
and ALL proceeds will go to a local charity.
Mission Statement:  To provide children with a program that gives them the
opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading with proper adult
supervision in a safe environment while having fun.

The objectives of the program are:

⦁        To improve the physical health of our children with training, conditioning
and exercise that emphasizes participation, safety and coordination.
 Enhance the psychological well being of our children by reinforcing positive
self-image, fairness and participation.
Appreciate the value of personal effort and dedication to team effort.
 Members of the program will learn that each individual participant is an
important part of the
“TEAM” and to bring everyone’s talent, hard work and
perseverance together to gain new skills and knowledge of cheerleading.

Cheerleading is a traveling team sport and requires a full-time commitment for the
entire season. The season begins with a mandatory cheer camp in late August,
and ends with the Cheer Exhibition in Mid-November.  

In order to have productive practices and a complete squad to perform the
routines, each girl must attend all the practices and games.  Please keep in mind
that this a short season and this policy must be adhered to.  Further, the parents’
support of this policy is expected.  Therefore, please note the following:

Important Dates To Remember

⦁        Mandatory Summer Camp  (Tentative Date)  - Attendance for the entire
4 days of cheer camp in August is MANDATORY.  Camp will be held August 21st  
– 24th.  Pre-clinic; Clinic; and Super Pee Wee squads will attend camp from 9:00a.
m. 12:30p.m. (tentative ending time) Pee Wee, Junior Varsity, Varsity squads will
attend from 9:00a.m. until 3:00p.m.  Absence for any part of camp may result in
dismissal from the squad.  

Pep Rally, August 25th  (Tentative Date)  - Will take place to kick off the
season at 6:00(est. time); Freedom Park Turf.  All squads will be dressed in full
uniform and will perform.
It is strongly recommended that all girls attend.

⦁        Kick-Off Classic Games, August 26th (Tentative Date) - This is a day of
games, each team will play one game and girls will be dressed in complete
uniforms and will cheer the entire game.

Attendance Information

⦁        Absences   
⦁        There are
only three (3) absences allowed for games and practices
during the season; use them to your own discretion.  Absences must be
discussed with your squad leader in advance.  A forth absence may result in
dismissal from the squad.

⦁        Unless your child is running a fever or contagious, it is expected that they
attend every practice/game to support their teammates, even if they sit and

⦁        Any other circumstances will be discussed with the program directors, who
will make the final determination.

⦁        Practices will be held once a week, usually Wednesday evenings from
September 6th  through  2nd week of November. Time TBD. Practice dates and
times are subject to change due to school calendar, holidays and facilities

⦁        Games occur once over the weekend for National Division and generally
Monday’s for Central Division and can be home or away.

“If the boys are playing, the girls are staying.” This is an outdoor sport
and the girls will be cheering rain, snow or shine.

⦁        Punctual drop-off and pick up are REQUIRED for all games and practices.  
Girls are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to the beginning of practice, and 30
minutes prior to the start of each game, unless additional practice times are
required by the coaches.
 If your child is not at the field at the designated
time prior to a game, and stunting has been adjusted during that time, there
is a possibility that your daughter will sit out during the ½ time
⦁        Excessive tardiness by parents will result in your daughter sitting out the 1st
half of a game.
⦁        Girls arriving late by more than 30 minutes or leaving more than 30 minutes
early at any practice or game will be considered an absence.

Uniform Information

Uniforms are the property of the Randolph Township Recreation Department.  
Each cheerleader will be provided with either a jumper and sweater or a skirt, and
shell for the fall season.  Uniforms will be distributed during the week of summer

⦁        The parents must purchase all of the other required mandatory uniform
items (if your daughter has never cheered with the Randolph Recreation program
previously).     The
approximate cost of other required mandatory items are as
follows per squad:

⦁        Pre-Clinic/Clinic/SPW/Pee Wee/JV-
⦁        $195 Includes all mandatory items

⦁        Varsity –
⦁        $165 Includes all mandatory items except poms/megaphones which are
Due to the high cost of uniforms, each parent will be asked to sign a uniform
contract for their child prior to receiving a uniform.  The form will include the
condition the uniform was received in at the time of distribution.  In the event that
a uniform is lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of the parent to pay for a
replacement.  A $10.00 cash deposit will also be collected

Practice/Game Information

Please check our website at for dates and
times of events throughout the season.

– Generally Wednesday evenings from September 2ND through 1st
or 2nd  week of  November .  Practice dates and times are subject to change due
to school calendar, holidays and facilities availability.  

GAMES – Upon availability, game schedules will be posted on our website click
on “Game Schedule” tab, or on