The objectives of the program are:

To improve the physical health of our children with training,
conditioning and
exercise that emphasizes participation, safety and coordination.

Enhance the psychological well being of our children by reinforcing
positive self-image,
fairness and participation.

Appreciate the value of personal effort and dedication to team effort.

Members of the program will learn that each individual participant is
important part of the “TEAM” and to bring everyone’s talent, hard work
perseverance together to gain new skills and knowledge of
Mission Statement:

To provide children with a program that
gives them the opportunity to learn the
fundamentals of cheerleading with proper
adult supervision in a safe environment
while having fun.
To improve Enhance Appreciate Members
Randolph Recreation Cheerleading
Program Co-Directors:
Debbie Whiting
Patricia Marciano

502 Millbrook Ave.
Randolph Twp., NJ 07869
ph: 973.989.7081
fax: 973.989.7096
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